With so many mountainous regions, Spain is big when it comes to winter holidays. Night diving or a night fishing trip could be a thrilling experience for you as well. It is really difficult to decide which destination is the best vacation destination in the world. Noteworthy cultural visits would be to places like Ephesus, Troy, Pergamon, House of Virgin Mary, Pamukkale, Hierapolis, Trabzon, Kenya, Didyma, and Church of Antioch. Sri Lanka is like second heaven. But the view from here is worth every step you take in the upward direction. It is the most visited and biggest entertainment resort in the world. The same places are very popular in summer too. The beautiful powdery beaches and sparkling waters will surely fill you with unparalleled energy and enthusiasm. You should visit the outlying islands if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature and want to know about the rich culture and heritage of Hong Kong.

Get there: Passenger boats run between Krabis Khlong Chilat Pier and Koh Lanta a couple of times a day and take 90 minutes. There are also private tour companies running boats or bus and ferry transfer options from Koh Phi Phi, Phuket and Trang. Transportation times vary and can become limited during the low season due to fewer passengers. Phang Nga James Bond and gypsies Phang Nga Though most people reach Phang Nga Bay from Phuket, there are also many tours running from Krabi. The area is part of the Ao Phang Nga National Park, which encompasses more than 40 islands and countless dramatic limestone cliffs shooting out of the clear, green waters. Popular tours usually include stops at Khao Phing Kan, the island seen in the James Bond movie, Man with the Golden Gun , and Koh Panyi, a small island home to Muslim fishermen. There is some accommodation, but many people choose to visit these spots through day tours from Krabi , Phuket or Phang Nga town. Get there: Look into tours running from Krabi or directly to the Krabi bus terminal (about 4km from Krabi Town) and take a government bus to Phang Nga. From there youll find a variety of boat tours. Tips for the Thai Islands Koh means island and hat means beach. Youll often see variations of spellings including, ko, hat and haad. High season is around October-April. Depending on where you go, crowds will be completely overtaking beaches and towns and prices are often higher for transportation and accommodation. Even in the high season, however, there are deals to be had and quiet getaways to be found. Just do your research and stay away from the main tourist centers if that isnt your scene and try to reserve accommodation ahead of time. Consider visiting the islands in the low, or rainy, season for fewer crowds and lower prices. The weather wont be as predictably beautiful everyday, but its usually unlikely for it to be pouring all day, everyday either. While the popular islands are more manageable and relaxing in the low season, keep in mind that some accommodation, activities, transportation and restaurants may be closed on smaller islands. If youre looking for a quieter experience, then this is definitely the time to go. While youve probably heard crazy stories of what can happen in Thailand, its actually a pretty conservative country, especially when it comes to dress. Bikinis and cover ups are okay right on the beach (although you will rarely see a Thai woman in a two-piece) but do not sun bathe topless or go into places without appropriate clothes on. Remember sunscreen! Areas with a lot of travellers will have sunscreen for sale, but its often highly marked up since a) youre on an island and b) the locals dont use it. Stock up at home or if you find a good deal in a larger city, like Bangkok, on the mainland. As with all islands, food prices are higher than on the mainland. You have to come to terms that youll be spending more than you did in other parts of the country and keep in mind the view youre paying for. To save a few dollars, and get a different perspective of the island, find out where the local market is or eat inland away from the resorts and beaches.

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The Maldives, made up of 1,190 coral islands is a secluded and beautiful location for those who love the deep blue sea, palm trees, and white powdery beaches. For example, at the same corner, you will find a swanky cheater that is showing the latest American film, and at that very place you will find a store selling local or traditional medicines or souvenirs. You should visit the outlying islands if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature and want to know about the rich culture and heritage of Hong Kong. You can visit other cities like Rotterdam, Madurodam, the miniature city near The Hague, Utrecht, etc. The gondola ride or travelling by motorized water-buses would be an unforgettable experience for you. The party scene is hot on Phi Don, and the epicentre is usually the beach. This country would present to you large land masses, huge mountain ranges, vast fertile valleys, some of the best beach resorts, and not to mention, quite a few great but uncrowned beaches. If you're planning to take the hike up to the viewpoint, do ensure that you have blathered a lot of mosquitoes repellent lotion on to yourself. Seems familiar?

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